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  2004.02.08  11.31
Dean campaign taken to cleaners by it's management...

Taken from FR.

As Howard Dean's presidential campaign tore through the millions it raised last year, nearly a quarter of it went to the company owned in part by his former campaign manager.

The campaign paid $7.2 million to Trippi, McMahon and Squier, the Virginia-based consulting and media firm – about 23 percent of the $31.7 million it spent through Dec. 31, according to PoliticalMoneyLine, which tracks political spending.

Joe Trippi, one of the company's partners, was Dr. Dean's campaign manager for a year – until he was ousted last month and replaced by Roy Neel. Dr. Dean asked Mr. Trippi to stay on as an adviser, but Mr. Trippi quit.


  2004.02.02  19.41
Howard Dean meets his first black person


  2004.01.21  00.42

Dean for President!
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  2004.01.20  00.26



  2004.01.13  20.07
Some people....


(taken from stmachiavelli)


  2004.01.10  01.34
From Neal Boortz...


If this isn't an example of how the Democratic party eats their own, I don't know what is. Back when Howard Dean was Governor of Vermont, he used to regularly appear on a PBS show called "The Editors." Turns out he said some not-nice things about Al Gore. "He has a lot of attributes, but...there are some things I am concerned about. One of them is being quick on your feet. He is not." Apparently, he was fast enough on his feet to endorse Dean and give the shaft to his former running mate, Joe Lieberman.

He also thought so highly of the Iowa caucases he is now competing in to say that people "can't stand there and listen to everyone else's opinions for eight hours about how to fix the world." Another dandy from the same series of shows: "George Bush, I believe, is in his soul a moderate." That should make good fodder for the first debate if he is the nominee. He also lamented in February 1999, regarding Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat, that "The next great tragedy is going to be Arafat's passing, believe it or not." Oh joy..just the man we need in the oval office.

If Howard Dean thought locking away his records while he was governor was going to keep his past from haunting him, he's about to get his reality check. The next 10 months are going to be so much fun, can you stand it?


  2003.12.24  17.16
Wanna guess why they're unemployed?



  2003.12.17  16.49
Website caught soliciting illegal contributions


A poster in Tokyo has come across a website in Japan soliciting money from foreign nationals to aid Dean in his presidential bid.

Foreign citizens are barred by federal law from contributing to a federal election. Also donations under 200$ do not need to be reported to the FEC. This follows the news that Kucinich has received laundered foreign money.

Now who's up for some campaign finance reform?


  2003.12.11  21.31
Dean starts courting whackos...

I use the term "start" loosely.

shoutingboy does a good job of analyzing the most recent Dean soundbite.



  2003.11.13  12.06

10 questions for for Dean from liberal Democrats who want answers. (I didn't write it)

1. Why did you support sending Vermont's nuclear waste to the poor, mostly Hispanic town of Sierra Blanca, Texas, 16 miles from the Mexican border -- a plan described as "blatant environmental racism" by Paul Wellstone?

2. Why did the Dean administration increase funding for Vermont's state colleges by only 7% while you increased funding for prisons by 150%?

3. Why did IBM, the leading polluter in Vermont, receive your Environmental Achievement Award nine times?

4. What did you mean when you said, "I've had 40 or 45 private meetings with IBM since I've been governor. And IBM has gotten pretty much everything they've asked for"?

6. Why did you wait for the courts and legislature to bring about the civil union bill before you supported it? Why did you sign the bill in private when you finally did sign it?

7. Why do you oppose the Israeli Labour Party candidate for prime minister Amram Mitzna's call for unconditional peace talks with the Palestinians?

8. While you acknowledge that you "haven't condemned Congress for passing the Patriot Act," Bernie Sanders from your own state of Vermont is leading efforts in Congress to overturn the Act. Why are you not supporting Bernie Sanders' efforts and condemning Congress for its attack on civil liberties?

9. How do you respond to Annette Smith of Vermonters of a Clean Environment who says: "Dean's attempt to run for president as an environmentalist is nothing but a fraud. He's destroyed the Agency of Natural Resources, he's refused to meet with environmentalists while constantly meeting with developers, and he's made the permitting process one, big dysfunctional joke. EP under Governor Dean meant Expedite Permits, not Environmental Protection"?

10. Since you pride yourself on your "fiscal responsibility" who do you refuse to even consider any decreases in the bloated Pentagon budget?


  2003.10.30  00.04
Ganked from Fidelity_Astro

“Chatting with reporters on his campaign jet recently, Dean complained about a New York Times story that had described him as ‘diminutive.’ Dean first noted that the Times reporter, Adam Nagourney, is ‘about five-three.’ Then he added, ‘I don’t know that I’m so short.’ Well, a reporter asked, how tall are you? ‘I’m five-eight,’ Dean replied. ‘Almost five-nine.’ Dean probably should have stopped here, but he didn’t. ‘Five-eight and three-quarters,’ he continued. ‘The reason I don’t tell anybody about the three-quarters is that it sounds like I’m very sensitive about my height. And I’m not.’ Where would anyone get that impression?”

And for those who incorrectly think this is a post about his height. It's a post about a funny and laughable comment made by Dean. But if I had to explain that then you're....probably a Dean supporter.


  2003.08.25  22.27

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  2003.08.24  12.22
Good Dean quote

"This country's in a lot of trouble. It's in trouble because we have a radical right administration that are dismantling the New Deal and it is not telling the truth about a lot of things that they say. The Clear Skies Initiative ... basically allows you to put more pollution into the air."

The truth is Clear Skies has a reduction in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury emissions. The thing is it's not as steep as what's been proposed. But there will be no increase under the plan. Dean's just muddying the waters on air pollution.

-quote from Spinsanity.


  2003.08.24  12.21
Some good Dean lying here...

From AP:

...Dean's false statement came Tuesday night during an appearance at the AFL-CIO's Democratic presidential candidate forum.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, who favors taking it back to age 65, criticized Dean for saying he'd raise to 68 or 70. Dean responded, ''I have never favored a Social Security retirement age of 70 nor do I favor one of 68.''

But that contradicted a 1995 article in which Dean said he wanted to raise it to age 70 to help balance the budget. It also contradicted a television appearance in June in which Dean said he would consider raising the age to 68.

According to the 1995 Newhouse News Service article, Dean said the way to balance the budget is for Congress to move the retirement age to 70, cut defense, Social Security, Medicare and veterans pensions, and then have the states cut almost everything else. At the time, Dean was Vermont's governor and chairman of the National Governors Association.

During an appearance on NBC's ''Meet the Press'' in June, Dean said an increase to age 70 is no longer necessary, but he would entertain an increase to 68.

He said the way to balance the budget now is to repeal President Bush's tax cuts and restrict spending. He said to balance Social Security, he would consider raising the retirement age to 68 and letting more salary above $87,000 fall under the payroll tax.

On Wednesday, Dean said since his appearance on ''Meet the Press,'' he has consulted with experts and concluded that no increase in the retirement age would be necessary. A better solution, he said, would be to raise the salary limit.

''I'm willing to take it off entirely if we need to,'' he said.

Dean has made misstatements before on the presidential campaign trail.

He apologized to rival John Edwards in March after saying that the North Carolina senator avoided talking about his support of the Iraq war before a largely anti-war audience in California. Dean said he did not hear Edwards when he pledged support for disarming Iraq by force and was booed and jeered by many in the crowd.

In June, he angered Bob Graham's presidential campaign by saying the Florida senator was ''not one of the top-tier candidates'' seeking the party's nomination. The next day he said he regretted the remark


  2003.07.22  23.41
Dean claims states' rights imperative on gay marriage

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  2003.07.19  17.52
One last one

Regarding abortions for minors and wether or not they should receive notification Dean had this to say:

"I don't think that it's the government's business to interfere in the relationship between the doctor and the patient."

I wonder if he thought this through. Besides the obvious what about the demicratic plan to socialize healthcare. In cases like that you'd have no set doctor-patient routine. It'd just be whatever doctor you're allowed to have by the gov't. I remember part of Hillarycare was the illegalization of private plans with a doctor. Meaning if the medical care sucked so you paid a doctor a little extra each month to take care of you beyond what the gov't would spend you'd be committing a crime.

But along comes Howard f-ing Dean and he proclaims the mighty and incontrovertable truth that patients and doctors have a private relationship. Any of you evil republicans who see parental notification when performing an abortion on a minor as not being so black and white are just wrong. The issue is clear cut and any disagreement or intolerance is not to be tolerated.


  2003.07.19  17.34
Dean on Telecommunications and censorship

The danger of relaxing media ownership rules became clear to me when I saw what happened with the Dixie Chicks. But there’s an even bigger danger in the future, on the Internet. The FCC recently ruled that cable and phone based broadband providers be classified as information rather than telecommunications services. This is the first step in a process that could allow Internet providers to arbitrarily limit the content that users can access. The phone and cable industries could have the power to discriminate against content that they don’t control or-- even worse-- simply don’t like.

--Democratic hopeless nominee Howard Dean.

I work for the Telco's this guy's being moronic as usual if he thinks that the redrawing of internet status for cable and DSL is some Rovian plan to silence the left.

What happened was when cable modems came out they were classified the same as cable TV because of the medium. While DSL was classified as a telecommunication service. Thus when it came to pay their taxes the cable companies had a huge tax benefit. So the RBOC's (Regional Bell Operating Companies) had all their lobbyists pushing for a redrawing of the regs in regards to internet access.

This is as asinine as saying if we legalize prostitution then we'll see 5 yr old kids having sex. In other words a rational debatable point gets hijacked and a corrolary to an outlandish stupid extreme event is then established.

I hope this guy when's the nomination so his supporters can honestly claim him to be smarter than Bush. It'll make his loss so much sweeter.


  2003.07.19  17.30
Dean lies....the left gasps (by gasp I mean ignore)

Former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has been repeating a deceptive tale about the Bush administration over and over on the campaign trail.

In speeches and in interviews, Dean frequently implies that a Bush administration environmental policy called "Clear Skies" would actually lead to increases in pollution from current levels. "This country's in a lot of trouble," he said last week on NBC's "Meet the Press." "It's in trouble because we have a radical right administration that are dismantling the New Deal and it is not telling the truth about a lot of things that they say. The Clear Skies Initiative ... basically allows you to put more pollution into the air."

Dean made similar statements in his speech last week officially announcing his candidacy for president and numerous other interviews and statements.

While some environmental activists are upset about "Clear Skies," it's not because the plan would actually lead to increases in pollution beyond current levels. Instead, as The New Republic's Gregg Easterbrook has pointed out, the plan reduces planned pollution reductions in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury emissions scheduled for future years under the Clean Air Act. In a fact sheet, the White House touts the magnitude of the reductions proposed in "Clear Skies" versus current pollution levels, while the environmental group Clear The Air compares them unfavorably to the reductions scheduled under current law. Both make clear, however, that the plan would not lead to actual increases in pollution over current levels, which is what Dean has been implying.

Unfortunately, the former Vermont governor is not the only one to spread this canard. The liberal journal TomPaine.com accused Bush of implementing "a 'Clear Skies' plan that leads to more pollution" in one of its "op-ads" that ran in major newspapers. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution made a similar accusation in a June 8 editorial.

As the 2004 campaign heats up, misleading accusations like these, which distort the truth for an easy attack based on existing partisan narratives, will likely increase. The press will need to be watchful and hold candidates and commentators to high standards.

From http://www.spinsanity.com/

PS: If too long just ask that I LJ cut i and I will.


  2003.07.06  21.27
Howard Dean signs own death warrant



Presidential contender Howard Dean has confided to associates how he desires a fresh course for the Democratic National Committee, including a dramatic change in its leadership, specifically chairman Terry McAuliffe, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Sources close to the early-Democratic frontrunner reveal how Dean has bitterly complained about McAuliffe and the lackluster job he has done as chairmain and architect of the disastrous off-year elections.

The candidate has told senior staffers how people are coming back to the party energized, only now, thanks to his campaign.

"We'll make a change there immediately [after the New Hampshire primary]," a top Dean source said of the DNC leadership. "I think it is important, as does Howard, to mark a new beginning, cut ties from the past."

"Oil and water, those two," said one Washington observer of outsider Dean and insider McAuliffe.

"I was watching Terry going quietly mad, almost to the point of steam coming out of his ears, as Dean greatly exceeded the 2-minute time limit at the candidates' dog & pony show last week at the Mayflower Hotel."


I guess Dean doesn't know who he's messing with. McAuliffe and Clinton own the DNC. It was their cabal that shut out Maynard Jackson from becoming the DNC chairman. It was also their actions that shut down McCall in NYC. Don't mess with their candidates or you're toast.


  2003.07.06  07.36
Ride em Cowboy

X post from my journal.

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, prominent opponent of the war in Iraq, has called for dispatching U.S. troops to Liberia, to head off a human rights crisis. Dean argued his position on the use of force is not out of line with his opposition to the war in Iraq. He said the situation in Liberia is significantly different from the situation in Iraq, because the world wants us involved in this.

Is that how we measure our moral response to inhumanity, by counting the number of countries that seek our involvement, or by some bureaucracy at the United Nations asking us for help? Is that what we're going to do now? Howard Dean is one of those liberals who does not deny the genocide that occurred and would have continued in Iraq had we not acted, yet he continues to demand to know where the weapons of mass destruction are, claiming that the failure to find them discredits our humanitarian acts in Iraq. We've done more humanitarian things in Iraq than anybody's done in that country in centuries, and Howard Dean says it doesn't count because we haven't found the weapons of mass destruction in a shorter amount of time then he was willing to give UN Inspectors.

So let me ask Howard Dean and the rest of you liberals out there, are there weapons of mass destruction in Liberia?

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  2003.07.05  23.36

Here he is. The man who loves each and every one of us as if we were his children.

Yup, he's going to save us all from harm, balance the budget, unite the world, and give us all a shiny nickel.

He believe in everything you believe in as well.

Isn't he just the keenest thing out there?